It has been a minute since I’ve considered the science aspect of why YA is important for secondary students. I was slightly surprised from the first paragraph to learn that new teachers often have a limited view on new/future students. However, I remember early in the first semester, I heard from both main English Education professors most people who decide to become teachers were masters of the system. So it makes sense that those of us, who that implication is true for, would have a limited view of students, especially students who are struggling. This internal struggle is something that I am already fighting against, and to be honest, it is quite disappointing to even be slightly aware of it in myself.

I was intrigued by the way that they study was conducted. It seems like we are almost doing the same thing this summer, for this class. It was helpful to see the different results of each of the methods that they used, and the pros/cons. I felt the importance of the readings that we are doing now, in light of these different methods and our future students.

This information is definitely helpful. However, the rhetor in me is skeptical; the study was extremely small, and I can’t help but wonder if the results would have looked different if the teachers were more diverse. I will be saving this information for my student teaching and first year.

Will update then!